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OpenSource April 2 2007 - v0.8.0.0
AIR is now available freely online!

We are now offering paid tech support instead of source code sales.

Network Demo Nov 22 2006 - v0.4.7.0
Simple video demonstrating the basic network capabilities of AIR:

Two clients are connected to a central server over a LAN.  AIR can support more but there were only three computers available.  Notice the green particles representing the client cameras, and the ability to edit a world with other users, and see what they are doing and which object they are interacting with.

Editor Sept 9 2006 - v0.4.5.0
We are hard working on a visual editor for the engine.  This editor makes building worlds and editing objects much more fluid and easy.  It is still being developed and will be networked so that collaboration can be done by multiple users simultaneously over the internet.

Networked Links June 7 2006 - v0.4.0.0
Objects are not the only things now synced over the net.  The engine also handles links between objects.  Each link has a flag specifying whether to network or not (default true), as some links don't require syncing.  The net has been vastly improved with User Groups, timeouts, and bumps.  
Camera Clouds February 17 2006 - v0.3.2.0
Each user that is connected has a particle cloud that represents the position of the user's camera.  In this photo it is the green cloud.  If you take a first person view from your control object, the cloud will go into the eyes of that object.  You will know if someone is using third person view to peek over a mountain, or if you are level editing, you can see what your teammates are looking at.
User List February 16 2006 - v0.3.1.0
A simple user list has been added that allows you to see who is connected, and what object each user is controlling.  A label appears over each controlled object.  The network has been greatly improved.  It is now coded so that only commands/actions are sent over the net, not positions, accelerations or velocities.  There is still a ways to go to smooth out the movement on clients.  This screenshot is of two clients on one machine connected to a remote server.
Delegates January 28 2006 - v0.2.6.0
Delegates are developer objects that are maintained by the DelegationManager.  Each delegate can be passed a command from the console.  Therefore all logic for interacting with each component of the engine is fully contained in its subsystem. 
If you type commands in the console, a list appears showing what the delegates respond to.
  • delegates
  • commands

Any object of class AIRBaseObject can be a delegate and can have multiple names, you access them by typing one of the names in the console, then adding parameters. 

  • <delegatename> [parameters 1..n]

This feature is very boring but essential for code maintainability and encapsulation, and is great for integrating external libraries.

Console Scripts January 12 2006 - v0.1.9.8
Added scripting support for servers:  Scripts can load files every N engine steps, have optional loop counters, and can be created, changed, and expanded while running.  These are not game logic scripts, they are for the console only.  See the server manual for more details.
  • script add
  • geom show/hide
  • add light
  • cameralight on/off
  • netecho

The lights are now dynamic objects, and you have to create one when creating a world.  Camera light can be turn on and off (on by default), this is a special light that shines out from the camera.  Special debugging geometries can be turned on and off with the geom command.  Netecho shows network traffic in the console window.

Load Modifiers and Server Manual January 9 2006 - v0.1.9.7
New commands geared towards loading files.  Shift offsets the position of objects, scale shrinks or grows objects, and swing will rotate objects about the up axis.  In the screenshot a castle was loaded 4 times from one file, scaled and shifted and rotated. 
  • shift <dx> <dy> <dz>
  • scale <xyz>
  • scale <x> <y> <z>
  • swing <angle>
  • reset

There is a new server manual cataloging the various console commands.

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